WFTV talks to doctor suspected of benefiting from Florida Hospital's record breach



OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - WFTV tracked down the doctor suspected of benefiting from stolen patient records at Florida Hospital.

Last month Dale Munroe was arrested. He's accused of accessing more than 700,000 patient records from 2009 to 2011 and selling their information to Sergei Kusyakov.

On Wednesday, WFTV's Jeff Deal found out where that information went next. Deal spoke to the doctor who may have had those patients referred to him.

Chiropractor Dr. Andrew Merrill was once in business with Kusyakov at a medical office in Metro West.

Documents from the federal courthouse show patients from the records breach may have been referred to him.

Kusyakov was back in federal court Wednesday morning and was ordered to remain in jail without bond.

He's the man the FBI said was buying stolen confidential patient records from Florida Hospital Celebration employee Dale Munroe.

Records show Kusyakov was using the information to solicit business for chiropractors and attorneys though his business "Injury Help Hotline."

And for the first time, WFTV discovered one chiropractor who may have benefited from the alleged records breach.

Merrill managed City Lights Medical Center at a Metro West office building.

Kusyakov was an agent for the clinic and records show at least one of the victims in the Florida Hospital records breach was referred to Merrill.

"The accusations are strong. I hope they're untrue. I was unaware anything like that was going on," Merill told WFTV.

He said he's been interviewed by the federal agents, but he had nothing to do with the records breach.

Munroe is accused of accessing more than 700,000 patient records over a two-year period. Munroe and Kusyakov are facing federal charges, but no doctors or attorneys have been charged.

Merrill told WFTV he thought Kusyakov was recruiting the patients through billboards and newspaper ads. He doesn't know how many, if any, came from Florida Hospital's records breach.