Wind, storms knock down trees, damage cars in Seminole Co.



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Strong winds and heavy rain caused a lot of damage in central Florida Wednesday.

The storms are credited for leaving a Seminole County woman trapped in her car after a massive tree limb fell on top of it while she was still inside.

A tree in the Charter Pointe apartment complex caused an even bigger mess when it was uprooted from the ground, sending the heaviest part of the trunk right on top of a woman’s car, likely making it a total loss.

“I was sleeping, and I didn’t hear anything until my neighbors woke me up and they said, ‘Hey, there’s a tree on your car,’” said storm victim Tiara Baker.

Baker said she was in disbelief when she saw her car completely ruined after the storm blew through Altamonte Springs, sending the tree straight into her Volkswagen.

“The windshield, the whole roof is caved in. I mean, glass is broken, the whole car dropped down, and it’s completely done. It’s totaled,” she said.

Baker wasn’t inside her car when the tree fell, but storm victim Carmen Bissoondial was trapped inside her Honda for 20 minutes when a tree came crashing down on it in the parking lot of Maitland’s Lake Lily Park.

“It was just like a roller coaster. It bounced, my car bounces, and I just started screaming,” she said. “I tried right away to get out but I couldn’t get out from any of the doors.”

She said she was so shaken up after the incident, she could barely dial her phone.

“I’m texting people and emailing people, ‘Hey help me,’” she said.

Bissoondial was able to drive her car once the tree limbs were removed unlike Baker, who said she bought get car a few months ago.

“And this is my first car,” Baker said.

Baker believes the complex should have done a better job maintaining the tree because she believes it was rotted.