• Winter Park High School students upset with yearbook errors


    WINTER PARK, Fla. - Some Winter Park High School students and parents were upset after finding multiple mistakes in their newly issued yearbooks.

    Parent Paul Gregory found multiple spelling and grammatical issues throughout the yearbook, something he's not happy about.

    "We spent money for hopefully a better product than the way it came out," said Gregory.

    Each year when students buy their yearbooks, they get a note that says mistakes can and do occur.  But parents said when they opened this year's and started thumbing through it, they were surprised there were so many errors.

    Orange County Public School officials admit there are errors on about every five to 10 pages due to a lack of copy editing.

    "A simply glance through the words would find it, all the errors," said parent Karen Roby.

    The district is planning to offer a free DVD yearbook with corrections. Students who are upset with the errors can also return the yearbooks, officials said.

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