• Witness details how two men were killed in Taft home


    TAFT, Fla. - Newly released court documents are shedding some light on what may have sparked a double murder in Orange County earlier this year.

    DeAngelo Cox and Nick Lewis were shot and killed at a home in Taft in February.

    One of the victim's parents told Channel 9 they're not ready to speak on camera because they're still devastated by the loss of their son.

    The parents said they still don't know why their son and his friend were in the suspect's house in the first place but new documents are uncovering what might have happened when they walked through the front door of the home.

    On the day Cox and Lewis were shot and killed, friends and family members had nothing but good things to say about them.

    What no one could figure out is why the two long-time friends who both spent time as mentors at the local Boys & Girls Club were at the home of Larry Romero, a man newly released records show was a well-known drug dealer in the Taft community.

    Channel 9's Nancy Alvarez looked through hundreds of pages of discovery and found no indication the victims went to Romero's house for drugs.

    Documents do show, however, the two weren't in the home alone.

    A friend of Romero's named William Van Horn told police he was in the house waiting to give Romero's daughter a ride to school. He said Cox and Lewis went into the kitchen where they sat side by side in two chairs Romero appeared to have set up.

    According to Van Horn, Romero said, "You all been looking in the window at my daughter," and the two victims starting saying, "Bro, no. No."

    Van Horn said the young men never had a chance to respond. He said Romero immediately pulled a gun from his pocket and shot Lewis first, knocking him out of the chair.

    According to the documents, Cox jumped over his friend's body and tried to dive through a kitchen window, but he was also shot and killed.

    The documents reveal Romero's daughter was home but said she didn't witness the actual shooting.

    Even she told detectives Cox and Lewis were good guys. She said only her father and God know why they were murdered.

    So far, there is no actual evidence that Cox and Lewis had been looking at Romero's daughters through any windows in the home.

    One neighbor did tell Channel 9 that Romero was paranoid and on edge in the weeks leading up to the shooting.

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