• Woman accused of stealing thousands from elderly nursing home residents


    WINTER PARK, Fla. - Winter Park police are looking for a woman who's posing as a nurse and preying on the elderly at nursing homes in two counties.

    Police said the woman, dressed in scrubs, snuck into the Winter Park Towers on Lakemont Avenue and stole a 92-year-old man's credit card, Social Security number and identification card.

    It happened last month, but the woman is still on the run. Police released photos of the woman and the man she was with that were captured from surveillance cameras on Friday, hoping someone will recognize her

    Police said the woman is not a medical worker.

    WFTV talked to family members of residents at the Towers who said they are in disbelief.

    "That's just wrong. That's a terrible thing to do to people they are so innocent, so kind, so trusting," said Karla Hoskins.

    Police said the woman's central Florida spending spree included attempts to spend $4,000 at Target. She also racked up $600 at the Apple store.

    "Some people just don't have a conscience I guess," said Claire Bartel. "For her to go so far as to put on scrubs, sneak her way in here, that's a shame."

    Police said the woman has also done this at another assisted living facility in Seminole County. They said there could be many other victims.

    Officials at the Winter Park Towers declined to comment Friday night.

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