• Woman on boogie board bitten by shark in Jacksonville


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A woman said she was enjoying a relaxing day in the water when she was bitten by a shark at Jacksonville Beach.

    Mimi Cosa said she was standing on her boogie board when she felt a bite.

    Initially, Cosa said she thought it was a crab, but soon realized it was something much stronger.

    The shark sunk its teeth into her foot and tried to drag her down into the water, Cosa said.

    "It wasn't so big. It was like sharp, sharp knives. It didn't want to let go and I finally turned and I lifted up because it wasn't big," Cosa said.

    Mimi needed 21 stitches.

    Experts said they think a three-to-four-foot dogfish or sandbar shark bit her, and said they tend to swim in shallow water.

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