• Woman charged after hanging wanted posters in attempt to find friend who snubbed her


    SAMSULA, Fla. - A Volusia County woman who's already accused of trying to murder her friend's husband is now accused of posing as law enforcement.

    It all began when Joan Hobart was jailed in January for allegedly helping another friend, Jeanette Morris, and Morris's brother in a brutal attack.

    The group is accused of beating and shocking Morris' husband, Robert Hall, and then dragging him down a dirt road in Samsula.

    Channel 9 learned that when Hobart went to jail for her alleged involvement in the incident, she signed her livestock over to Charlotte Klokis.

    But when Hobart got out of jail on bond, she learned out Klokis sold her animals and she couldn’t find her friend to confront her, so she started placing wanted posters at stores calling for the friend's arrest.

    Authorities said Hobart also told employees she had permission from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office to place the posters and they even have surveillance video of Hobart hanging the signs.

    Hobart is being held in the Volusia County Jail without bond. She's charged with impersonating an officer and stalking.

    For her involvement in the dragging, Hobart has a pretrial scheduled for November.

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