• Woman escorts alleged Titusville Walmart peeper to store's security office


    TITUSVILLE, Fla. - Police in Titusville have arrested a man accused of using a cellphone to try to take lewd pictures of a woman at a Walmart last week.

    Authorities said the suspect, Ramez Awad, may never have been arrested if an alleged victim hadn't spotted the suspect and taken him to security herself.

    The original incident happened in June but when the woman spotted the suspect again at the same Walmart store last week, she called police.

    The woman told police Awad used a cellphone and a shopping basket to try to get a peek under her knee-length dress.

    During the first incident, the woman said she confronted the suspect, then told a Walmart employee who made a call to police.

    "The guy run out, but she want to file a report. I have video on it," the 911 caller told dispatchers.

    Last week, the woman spotted the suspect again and confronted him. This time, she escorted him to the store's loss prevention office.

    "Here we had a victim who clearly remembered the suspect and what he looked like," said Todd Hutchinson of the Titusville Police Department. "She was alert and vigilant and got us involved, and we were able to make an arrest."

    An arrest wasn't made immediately, however. First, police contacted the State Attorney's Office. Awad was then arrested Monday and charged with video voyeurism.

    Police said when they tried to question Awad inside the Walmart he asked for a lawyer.

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