• Good Samaritan crashes driving gunshot victim to hospital in College Park


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A good Samaritan who was driving a shooting victim to a local hospital crashed a few miles from the shooting scene in College Park, authorities said.

    Investigators said a woman was shot in the leg on Mercy Drive so neighbor Anthony Harris put her in his car and attempted to drive her to the hospital.

    Authorities said the neighbor, who wasn’t stopping at traffic lights, ended up crashing near the intersection of Edgewater Drive and Princeton Street.

    "Running red lights, smashing through red lights, blowing my horn, got my hazards on. I was trying to cause a scene so they can pull me over," said Harris.

    A police officer who was on his way to the scene also crashed, authorities said.

    The woman's gunshot wound appeared to be non-life-threatening.

    There's also no word on whether the officer was injured in the separate crash.

    Authorities said the gunman was someone the victim knew. No arrests have been made at this time.

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