• Woman returns lost class ring to owner's family 20 years later


    OCALA, Fla. - More than 20 years ago, after finding a class ring in the grass near her office, an Ocala woman has returned the trinket to the family of the woman it belonged to.
    The Ocala Star-Banner  reports Rose Crowe put the ring in a drawer and eventually forgot about it. Recently, she pulled it out and, after an exhaustive Internet search, found the rightful owner.

    The ring was from South Houston High School. She searched the school's website for the initials G.L.O. -- Glenda Lee Orr -- engraved on the ring. Then she found a requiem notice for the woman, which listed her husband, optometrist Ken Hansen of Ocala.
    From there, it was a simple phone call.
    Hansen told her his wife died of ovarian cancer in 2010.

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