• Woman says OPD detective left offensive message on phone after burglary inquiry


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Kathy Glisson said she was furious when she got a message on her voicemail. She said it was left by Orlando Police Department Detective Ricardo Agrait, who was supposed to be helping to solve her burglary case.
    According to Glisson, Agrait gave her an update on her case but then appears to mutter something offensive, possibly asking her not to call him back, as he hung up the phone.
    "He thought he hung up the phone and was still recording on my cellphone," said Glisson.
    In January, thieves broke out a window on Glisson's home and stole a number of her things from electronics to jewelry and even one of her guns.
    She said they also took some family heirlooms, many of which can't be replaced, so she has been desperately wanting the thieves caught in hopes of getting her things back.
    Glisson admits she has been calling the police a lot, but doesn't feel like she deserved this response.
    "You don't say what he said to me, to citizens that you're supposed to be taking care of," Glisson said.
    She said she is planning to file a complaint against the detective.
    "I want the officer in charge to actually realize, just because I'm the low man on the totem pole, that doesn't make me any less important," said Glisson. "I would like to see some reprimand going on."
    Orlando police said they have initiated an investigation into Glisson's claim and any action they take will be determined by the findings of that investigation.

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