• Woman screams at judge after being denied bond


    MIAMI - A Miami woman accused of trying to kill her husband became hysterical in court Monday.

    When Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat denied Blanca Regalado bail, she started to scream.

    Regalado was arrested Friday night after police said they found her husband suffering from several stab wounds.

    According to police reports, she told officers she stabbed him because he abused her.

    During the outburst, Regalado, who was in a wheelchair, told Rodriguez-Chomat her husband had broken her leg.

    "He broke my leg. Please, please don’t do that," Regalado said.

    She also refused to leave the courtroom as bailiffs tried to control her.

    Rodriguez-Chomat is no stranger to courtroom drama.

    Earlier this year, Penelope Soto, 18, flipped him off after he increased her bail amount (watch raw video).

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