• Woman stuck in gator-infested water after alligator attacks kayak


    EVERGLADES - A woman in south Florida had a very close encounter with Mother Nature after she accidentally went down the wrong trail while canoeing in the Everglades.

    Sarah Boynton said a huge alligator attacked her inflatable kayak.

    Boynton was not hurt, but she was stuck in alligator-infested waters because a chamber of the kayak quickly deflated.

    Boynton said the only thing she could do was call 911.

    "He didn't get me, but I'm stuck and there are two very large alligators out here and I can't kayak. I'm, I'm, I'm sinking," said Boynton to the dispatcher.

    Boynton paddled to a nearby shore and waited for help.

     Eventually, an air boat team was able to find and rescue her.

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