Woman on trial, accused of posing as nurse during home invasion


OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - A woman on trial for posing as a nurse to rob a disabled Osceola County woman is expected to take the stand Wednesday.

Monday, victim Luz Caballero, 64, broke down while on the stand, telling jurors how terrified she was during the 2011 home invasion.

Jennifer Deliz, 28, is facing life in prison.

Deliz's mother told Channel 9 her daughter had nothing to do with the crime. She said Deliz was at home when it happened.

Deliz listened with her head down Tuesday as a recording of her interviews with investigators were replayed for jurors.

Over hours of interrogation, Deliz denied she was the woman who came to Caballero's door in December 2011, dressed in scrubs and holding a clipboard, posing as a nurse.

Caballero was receiving home health care and opened the door.

A gunman barged in soon after at Caballero said she was terrorized as Deliz and two others ransacked her home.

"He had a gun like that. Big gun like that and put the gun over here like that. And he said, 'Hey, shut up and don't yelling and don't screaming because I'm gonna blow your head,'" Caballero said.

The suspects took off with $25,000 worth of jewelry and left Caballero with injuries requiring back surgery.

Emotionally, Caballero said she has yet to recover.

"When I sleeping, I got bad dreams. The guy with the gun," Caballero said.

Deliz's mother said the trial is hard on Deliz's three children.

"It's hard for me, it's hard for their family," Deliz's mother said.

There were also two men involved but Caballero couldn't ID them so Deliz is the only one on trial.

Deliz is expected to take the stand Wednesday.