• Woman tries choking Palm Bay police officer after arrest


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A woman said she was so high on meth that she doesn't remember choking a Palm Bay police officer, investigators said.

    Police said suspect Jennie Poff got out of handcuffs and wrapped her hands around the officer's neck while she was at the Palm Bay Police Department.

    Residents Wendy and Jim Kennedy told WFTV they believed squatters had moved into a vacant home across the street from them so they called police.

    "I don't know how long they were in there. They broke into the back door," Wendy Kennedy said.

    Palm Bay police later arrested Poff and Eldon Shultz on suspicion of illegally being in the vacant home and possessing drugs.

    Officers said the issues began when Poff was being processed at the police station.

    "While she was waiting to get booked she had approached from behind Officer Victoria Rodriguez and at that time Officer Rodriguez told her pretty much to back off," said Yvonne Martinez with Palm Bay police.

    Poff was able to slip one of her handcuffs off just before the attack, police said.

    "She aggressively approached Officer Rodriguez from behind and tried to choke her, at which time the officer went down," Martinez said.

    Two other officers ran over to help and had to use a Taser on Poff to get her to comply. Rodriguez was not seriously injured, but Poff now faces an attempted murder charge.

    It's possible the police department will change its policy to prevent any future incidents.

    "There are security measures in place in that facility, so we are conducting a thorough review to make sure all those procedures were followed," Martinez said.

    In addition to attempted murder, Poff is facing a slew of other charges. She remains at the Brevard County Jail on no bond.

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