Woman who was missing for 2 weeks found safe


Marsharie Lemons-Garrett

PALM BAY, Fla. - A Palm Bay woman, who was missing for more than two weeks, was found late Wednesday night.

Marsharie Lemons-Garrett, 22, was found in a wooded area at the west end of Briar Creek Boulevard in Malabar, deputies said.

Authorities said a Brevard County officer found her just before 10:30 Wednesday night, after a resident called to report a suspicious woman wandering in the area.

When the officer approached Lemons-Garrett, he said she tried to hide.

Lemon–Garrett was taken to Palm Bay Hospital.

"It's nice to see a story like this come to a great conclusion. We got the woman back safely," said Mike Banders of the Palm Bay Palm Bay Police Department.

Investigators said that other than numerous insect bites, she appeared to be in good condition.

Detectives are expected to interview Lemon-Garrett later Thursday.