• Woman's pet boa constrictor rescued from car's tail light


    COCONUT CREEK, Fla. - A woman's pet boa constrictor was rescued from the panels of her car.

    The 7-foot-long snake was captured on camera being pulled out of the back of the car.

    The mechanic whose job it became to get the snake out said he doesn't like snakes, but he couldn't leave someone's pet stuck in a car.

    "She was tucked in the corner of the body panel. She pulled the cover off and crawled in there and we just pulled one taillight out, and then you could see her. Luckily, the head was sticking out so I grabbed her by the head and she just kind of followed me," said the mechanic.

    The owner said she travels everywhere with her snake, but this time it slid into the trunk and crawled behind the panel.

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