Year-end review: Major crime down in Orlando


ORLANDO, Fla. - In the department's year-end review, Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney said every type of crime went down in 2012, including domestic violence.

Rooney said he believes reaching out to thousands of people this year, encouraging them to speak up if they see domestic violence or to protect themselves from it, helped prevent domestic murders.

Orlando officers shot a man in February after, they said, he shot and killed his wife and her mother while his two teenagers were present.

Elmer Banner survived and is facing trial in the case.

Police said in October Bradford Baumet killed an Orlando man, then went to his his ex-girlfriend's Casselberry salon and opened fire there, killing three women.

On Thursday, Rooney said his department's outreach to thousands of people this year cut domestic murders by nearly half.

"We had a 44 percent decrease from 2011 to 2012," Rooney said. "But one is too many."

Police said property crimes are down 5 percent after last year's bump, but they haven't fallen to 2010's level.

Homicides are down 16 percent, and forcible rapes are down 12 percent.

There were also 5 percent fewer robberies and burglaries and 21 percent fewer vehicle break-ins.

Rooney said he's also sped up internal investigations of officers in trouble this year. There've been problems with speeding, drunken driving, stealing and officer arrests.

Officer Danny Sidders was charged with domestic violence and Roderick Johnson for allegedly sexually battering an arrestee.

"I have internal affairs moving more quickly," said Rooney.