• Young girl helps deliver baby brother at home


    TAMPA, Fla. - An 8-year-old girl is getting a lot of credit this after she helped deliver her baby brother right on the bathroom floor.

    Jazmine Mcenaney's mother went into labor Monday at their Tampa home.

    She said the baby started coming very fast and she knew she couldn't make it to the hospital, so she told Jazmine to call 911.

    She said the young girl stayed calm during the entire ordeal.

    "My mom is pregnant, and her water just broke. She is in so much pain right now," Jazmine told the 911 dispatcher.

     Dispatchers said Jazmine followed every instruction from the 911 operator, including securing the baby's head so it didn't fall.

     Her brother Joseph was born just 13 minutes after the 911 call started.

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