Zimmerman's attorney speaks at gun rights conference in Orlando


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla - The lead attorney for George Zimmerman spoke at a gun rights conference in Orlando on Saturday.

Mark O’Mara told WFTV, if he wasn’t defending George Zimmerman, he probably wouldn’t have been invited to speak at the 27th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando.


O’Mara told the crowd he would not talk about the facts of his client’s case.


His client, George Zimmerman, is charged with second degree murder in the Sanford shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.


O'Mara told an audience of gun rights advocates, Zimmerman's case needed to be tried in the courtroom and he also talked about "justifiable use of force," which is at the center of Zimmerman’s defense.


O'Mara shrugged off the "stand your ground" label, calling it a small part of Florida's self-defense statute.


“If you shoot, or use deadly force because you have to and you decide not to retreat, our statute says that's okay,” O’Mara said. “You don't have to retreat, you don't have to turn your back on the assailant for fear of what else might happen.”


O'Mara also said Zimmerman will have a self-defense immunity hearing.


“I actually anticipate that this case will be ready for the self-defense immunity hearing spring-time maybe before,” O’Mara said.


O’Mara’s next court date in the Zimmerman case is scheduled for October 17.


O’Mara told WFTV it will be a hearing to update the judge on the status of the case.