Mitt Romney campaigns in Kissimmee


KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney attended a campaign rally at the Kissimmee Airport on Saturday.

Governor Romney took the stage to address supporters around 4:40 p.m. The event was held in a hangar at the Ranger Jet Center at the Kissimmee Airport.

Romney was joined by Senator Marco Rubio and Senate candidate Connie Mack at the rally.

In front of a huge crowd, Romney talked about repealing 'ObamaCare', supporting small businesses, and winning Florida.

"When I'm president we're going to stop borrowing. I'm going to stop borrowing and get America back on track," Romney told the group of enthusiastic supporters.

Mitt Romney has less than two weeks to get his message out to central Floridians before the November 6 election. On Saturday Senator Rubio was there to lend his support.

"It's not about the little things, the snide remarks, the back and forth of the daily campaign. This campaign is about our future and it's about our identity as a nation and as a people," Rubio said.

Saturday's rally was one of three Florida campaign stops Romney scheduled for Saturday. Before heading to Kissimmee, Romney spoke in Pensacola. His last stop was a campaign rally in Land O' Lakes Saturday evening.