Posted: 4:28 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014

Deputies: Man makes fake 911 calls accusing neighbor of waving gun


Donovan Greenfield  photo
Donovan Greenfield


An Orange County man’s 911 call landed him and his neighbor behind bars.

Deputies said Donovan Greenfield made false calls five times and claimed his neighbor at the Lyme Bay Condos off Rio Grande Avenue was waving a gun.

The calls were made this year over several months starting in Janaury, and going into at least May.

Greenfield was arrested on charges of aggravated stalking and misuse of 911.

Deputies said he dialed 911 and made false reports to harass his neighbor.

In one call, deputies said he claimed his name was Michael and said, “There’s a black man in a black Jaguar. He was at the Walgreens. He was on Rio Grande and 40th Street sitting there waving a gun at people.”

Eight deputies responded to the area following that call and Greenfield’s neighbor was taken into custody at gunpoint.

Reports said that in another call, Greenfield identified himself as Sharon and described the same neighbor saying, “I just wanted to give you a call so the cops can stop that crazy man in that car. Because he might hurt somebody.”

The victim told deputies harassing signs started showing up outside his apartment after he complained about Greenfield’s music.

Greenfield denied the allegations about the signs and the 911 calls, and said his neighbor just doesn’t like him because he’s gay.

Both men appear to have injunctions against each other.

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