Posted: 5:41 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31, 2011

Winter Park doctor wants pain pill case thrown out

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A doctor accused of running a pill mill wants his whole case thrown out.

Attorneys for Dr. Michael Moyer called witnesses to the stand Monday afternoon.

Moyer was arrested last year for trafficking hydrocodone. He's the first doctor in Central Florida going to trial for handing out illegal prescriptions for pain pills.

Prosecutors said the doctor handed prescriptions after barely examining patients at his Winter Park office where his license is active and he is still practicing.

But Moyer's attorney said this is a case of entrapment.

Moyer took a seat in court and listened to his attorney try to convince a judge the doctor is not a drug dealer -- just a man who could not resist the temptation of an exotic dancer who came to his office complaining of pain.

The dancer was actually a woman whose identity is protected because she's an informant for MBI.

"I told him I slipped off a table and hurt my tailbone," she said.

Over four visits last year, Moyer's attorney said she flirted with the doctor, invited him to yoga, offered him Spanish lessons and a VIP card to a local strip club.

"She would persistently and consistently ask him out!" Moyer's attorney said.

Each time she walked out with prescriptions for pills, including Xanax and oxycodone.

In the motion to dismiss the case, Moyer's attorney argued that his client is the victim of a woman who "lured him into prescribing pain medications to her by holding forth the prospect of sexual favors."

Moyer's case could be the first so called "pill mill" trial in Orange County. He was charged last June with trafficking pills.

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