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New Details Emerge About FaithWorld Pastor's Divorce

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Pastor Clint Brown


Parishioners are coming to the defense of FaithWorld's Clint Brown. Meanwhile, Channel 9 has uncovered new details about his nasty divorce. Eyewitness News has learned that attorneys for Angie Brown are trying to obtain financial records from FaithWorld's church bookkeeper.

Pastor Clint Brown FaithWorld Church 01/13/05 Blurbable Pastor Clint Brown Clint Brown's own financial records show he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in church money on himself and his family. When Pastor Brown's attorney unsuccessfully tried to get the whole divorce file sealed, they worried that Angie Brown would make allegations about third parties. One of the third parties her attorney's are interested in is the church bookkeeper.

The bitter divorce between the colorful pastor and his wife Angie has now pulled in some of FaithWorld's employees, specifically Stephanie Payne, the church bookkeeper and daughter of a FaithWorld executive.

According to court filings, an accountant working for Angie Brown "started asking questions about Stephanie Payne's American Express card statements." The accountant reportedly began to "question the integrity of her family members that work at the church."

FaithWorld Church Front Sign 01/13/05 Blurbable In another document, Angie Brown's attorney's argued that a third party's financial records could be obtained "if an issue arises as to improper financial dealing between the third party and one of the spouses."

Channel 9 previously reported how Pastor Brown and his wife seemed to shop as much as they preached. Their American Express bills show they'd drop thousands in one ritzy store after another.

Court records indicate that Clint Brown spent $70,000 of church money on woman's clothes that his wife and daughter never saw.

Thursday, Brown's attorney said these were not all women's clothes and they were given as gifts to men and women ministers visiting the church, a tradition in Christian churches.

While new details emerge, FaithWorld parishioners are coming to Brown's defense. Mary Scott Naqeen owns every cassette of Pastor Brown's music and gives ten percent of her weekly salary, $7.50. She's well aware some of it supported Brown and his wife.

"What he makes, compared to what he gives back to the church, is nothing," says Nageen.

That was just one of many people Channel 9 spoke with Thursday, who came to Pastor Brown's defense.

Channel 9 did not get a chance to speak to Pastor Brown or his wife. So far, they're not talking.

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