• Pine Hills restaurant reopens after fatal shooting during robbery


    PINE HILLS, Fla. - An Orange County restaurant that was the scene of a fatal shooting reopened Friday.

    Anna Sun was killed while working at the China Wok restaurant in Pine Hills two months ago.

    The restaurant made several changes, including a new name: China Chef.

    The change is a way for management to wipe away the terrible memories of the late September killing. Sun was shot during a robbery and died a few days later.

     A lot has happened to the restaurant since the shooting. It now has a cage-like structure surrounding the counter, with a small door for money to pass through.

    Also, cameras were mounted on the walls.

    However, the killer has not been arrested.

    Investigators released surveillance pictures of the shooter and his accomplice.

    Recently, authorities identified Raymond Barnes Jr. and Calvin Washington as persons of interest in the case.

    Crystal Pereira lives next to Barnes and told WFTV he was trouble.

    "Oh yeah, definitely trouble. He has a temper, I can tell you that.  Because I knew they were constantly fighting, and I went over that time and he was fighting with his girlfriend," said Pereira.

    WFTV checked into Barnes' past and found he's been jailed at least a dozen times on charges of battery, burglary and drug possession.

    Washington also has a criminal past for domestic violence, WFTV found out.

    Authorities said they know what happened during the robbery and shooting, and hope an arrest will come soon.

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