• Police: Fleeing carjacker crashes into car, takes off on foot


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A carjacking suspect is on the run in Orlando after crashing into another car while trying to get away from police.

    The suspect was being chased by police when the two cars collided on John Young Parkway at the intersection of Colonial Drive.

    The driver who was hit, Chris Shumpert, said as soon as they collided, the carjacker got out and took off on foot.

    He said police started chasing the suspect, but he outran them.

    "It just happened so fast. There's really nothing you can do about it, it's crazy," said Shumpert. "I was coming up John Young, through the light. The light was green, and the guy ran the light and hit me."

    "Got to be a little scary?" asked Channel 9's Kenneth Craig.

    "It was. Definitely was a little scary," said Shumpert.

    Anyone with information on the carjacking is asked to call Orlando Police.

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