Rabbit & Rodent Rules


None - Pet Average size Life Span Eats Supplies Needed Good Pet For Kids
Rabbit 2-13 pounds 7-10 years grass hay, commercial pellets cage, carrier, litter box, food and water bowls, digging box, safe chew toys Older children. Rabbits are fragile and may scratch or bite when frightened
Hamster 6 inches 1-2 years seeds, grains, cracked corn and pellets cage, bedding, exercise wheel, water bottle, safe chew toys Nocturnal; may nip if awakened during day
Guinea Pig Few pounds 5-7 years commercial food plus fresh fruits and vegetables cage, covered sleeping box, toys, brush for grooming, wood shavings Excellent pet for older children
Gerbil About 4 inches 3-4 years commercial seed mix, small amount of vegetables cage, exercise wheel, hay or shavings for digging, water bottle, chew toys Excellent for older children
Mouse 1/2 to 1 ounce 1-3 years commercial feed, small amounts of fruits and vegetables aquarium tank, shavings, exercise wheel, water bottle, chew toys

Information Courtesy of ASPCA