Searching for Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios

by: Steve Barrett\/ Updated:

On the hunt for Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Let's stroll around Disney's Hollywood Studios and check out a few Hidden Mickeys.  I'd like to point out a few images from some of the unique restaurants in this one-of-a-kind Disney theme park.  Our first stop is Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant near the Streets of America.

This restaurant's theming harks back to the days of drive-in movies.

In the waiting area are the following images: one classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey is on the movie poster for the "Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman."  The poster is on the left wall as you enter the restaurant, and the Mickey image is behind her right knee, just off the highway.

Another classic Mickey is traced on the wood wall past the check-in counter, about eye level, on the right side of the left hallway as you enter.

Inside the restaurant, as you sit in a car under the night sky, watch the movie reel for a youngster in a spacesuit, as the words "Calling All Boys! All Girls!" appear on the screen.  A classic Mickey formed by a circle and two knobs is on the upper chest of the spacesuit, just below the helmet.

Our next stop is the Pizza Planet Arcade restaurant across from MuppetVision 3D.

Walk to the food order area and study the mural on the rear wall.  A small, bright classic Mickey star cluster appears above the counter registers on the right side of the rear wall.  Look near the pizza-slice constellation.

Another classic Mickey is formed in a constellation of stars on the left side of the rear wall, between Woody and the "Disney's Toy Story" sign.

Above the arcade games in the restaurant's inside seating area, in the moon near the top of the wall mural, you can spot a subtle three-quarter Mickey side profile facing left.

As you leave the park, stop in at the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant.

On a wall to the left in the waiting area, you'll find a caricature of Jimmy Dodd (with his Mouse ears) from the 1950's Mickey Mouse Club TV show.

Stay alert, and you'll be rewarded with many surprising Hidden Mickey images at Disney's Hollywood Studios!

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