• Store clerk accused of helping friend steal cash in fake robbery


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Two men were accused of conspiring and carrying out a staged convenience store robbery in Volusia County, authorities said.

    One of the men, Daniel Arnold, worked at the store and called 911, said investigators.

    "I've just been robbed," Arnold told the 911 operator.

    "What did he get?" the operator said.

    "Money out of the register.  He told me to get cigarettes," Arnold said.

    Investigators said Arnold and Timothy Ringler admitted to carrying out the fake crime at the Kangaroo Express on Doyle Road in Deltona last Friday.

    The men told deputies when they were arrested on Wednesday that Ringler was short on cash and wanted to stage the robbery, while Arnold was cashiering in the store.

    Investigators said that a few days after the robbery, Arnold's supervisor suspected he had played a part in the heist.

    Deputies said Ringler was going to use the $215 he stole to make a car payment.

    The stolen cartons of cigarettes were going to be Arnold's reward for playing the victim, officers said.

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