Vanity Nightclub brings posh presence to downtown Orlando bar scene

by: Betty Barfly Updated:

When you step into Vanity Nightclub, you’ll feel like you’re stepping outside Orlando.  The new night hotspot is located in the heart of downtown, yet you’ll think you’ve just been transported to Miami, LA, or Las Vegas.

The club is high on glamorous décor, has the latest sound system, and the hottest drink trends – all to give you an experience you haven’t had in Central Florida.

Don’t let the "Nightclub" in Vanity’s name scare you off if clubbing isn’t your thing – you can mingle in their large lounge area and the outside patio that overlooks Orange Ave.

I had the chance to speak with Owner, General Manager, and Manager of Vanity.  They are very dedicated to their work.  They tell me that they could’ve opened Vanity months earlier than their grand opening in October, but they wanted it to be right, not rushed.

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The management prides itself on offering the top notch of customer service.  I can definitely attest to this – their biggest gem is their Head Mixologist Devin.  If you’ve ever gone out with friends and not have any idea what drink to order, you’ll have no worries with the bar staff at Vanity.  Tell the trained and experienced bar staff what flavors you like and don’t like, and they will not hesitate and create a concoction for you.

Onto the drinks (and this is my favorite part …) Devin created two popular drinks for me – Strawberry Fields and Mechero.

I’m glad that Devin waited until I tried Strawberry Fields before he told me what was in it.  The drink was light, not too sweet, and extremely good.  He tells me it’s made with gin; this caused my jaw drop because I never would’ve guessed.  While gin is growing in popularity, I still find it intimidating to my favorite liquor Vodka.

Strawberry Fields is one of my faves now – but is only available at Vanity.  The drink is made of Cucumber Gin, Elderflower, lemon juice, and muddled fresh strawberries. 

The second drink, Mechero (translation – ‘match’), is quite opposite from Strawberry Fields, yet both are very light.  Made with muddled jalapenos, mango puree, lime juice, light Rum, and Elderflower, this drink is also a little intimidating at first, but goes down smooth and is actually refreshing.  Devin did tell me that depending on how ripe the jalapeno is, the drink could be either very subtle or very spicy.

The drink menu was designed with the ‘clean’ diet in mind and will be updated seasonally (I hear they’ll have some interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day).  Vanity respects the designated drivers and even offers a line of ‘virgin cocktails’ that match the look and feel of the actual drink your friends may be enjoying.

Vanity is open daily, excluding Sunday and Tuesday, and you must be 21 or older to enter. There is a strict dress code - No sneakers, no hats, and men must rock the collared shirt.  Also, you cannot smoke inside the club, but you can light up on the outside patio.

Vanity Nightclub is available for events – both private and public.  The back room (which is available for a fee) has state of the art screens, a private bathroom, and guests can watch the dancefloor from behind the DJ.  There are also VIP tables for reservation along the dancefloor too.

Vanity is owned and operated by Miramar Entertainment in partnership with The V Group.  For more information on events and the Vanity VIP Experience, visit

Vanity Nightclub | 110 S. Orange Ave (2nd level, above Vintage Lounge and The Fifth in Downtown Orlando) | 407-497-4828