Whiskey Dicks delivers 'hometown' feel in Orlando


One of the reasons why Whiskey Dicks is a popular downtown Orlando spot is because of the superb service. The staff is very friendly and always smiling.

In every city there is always at least one bar that you can depend on, whether it's a great location or a great work staff; Whiskey Dicks is that bar in downtown Orlando.  Located in the heart of downtown, across from the History Center, caddy-corner from the Orange County Library, on East Central Boulevard; rain or shine, Whiskey Dicks will always have a crowd.  With a feel like a hometown bar, you’d be surprised to know that it’s only been open since February 2011.

The name may make some people chuckle, but the bar is sponsored by popular whiskey brand, Jack Daniel’s.  In fact, the namesake is on $4 special every day, all day at Whiskey Dicks.  The bar’s specialty shot is called a Tennessee hooker – it’s a shot of Jack Daniel’s followed by a shot of pickle juice.  Believe it or not, this has become quite a popular shot recently!  Another great drink, and in season right now, is the pumpkin bomb.  This tastes like a spiced pumpkin piece of pie!  Like its relative, the Irish car bomb, this concoction consists of dropping a shot of Bailey’s and vodka dropped into a half pint of Shipyard Pumpkin Head Ale.  If Janelle is working behind the bar, she makes a great pumpkin bomb with her own special addition of a taste of Goldschlager.

One of the reasons why Whiskey Dicks is a popular downtown Orlando spot is because of the superb service.  The staff is very friendly and always smiling.  After just a few trips to the bar, the bartenders will soon know your name and your favorite drink.  It’s a great place to catch football, or really any sporting event, thanks to the strategically placed large screen TV’s.  The bar subscribes to both the NFL Package and NCAA Football package so fall will be a great season for Whiskey Dicks.  What would watching sports be like with no great food to enjoy?  No worries because Whiskey Dicks has a great sports bar menu with the usual suspects, such as burgers, wings, fries (including sweet potato tots!), sandwiches and salads.

No matter what day the week, there are always specials at Whiskey Dicks.  Monday nights, its $0.50 oysters (raw or fried); Tuesday is Ladies Night, which means $2 call drinks.  Wednesday nights are popular thanks to $1 burger from 6p-10p followed by Whiskey Wednesdays until closing.  During Whiskey Wednesdays, all of your favorite whiskeys are $4.  Thursday night is wing night – all you can eat wings plus beer specials from 6pm until 10pm.  Friday’s are half priced appetizers until 7pm and Saturday’s are $3 you-call-it drink specials until 6pm.  Sunday is brunch, with a special food menu and includes $2.50 Corona specials and a $10 mimosa bar.

Next time you are in downtown Orlando, definitely make a point to check out Whiskey Dicks.


Whiskey Dicks

50 East Central Blvd Suite C, Orlando Fl.