Who wins fake Magic talent show?


Magic general manager Rob Hennigan said Victor Oladipo set himself apart at the NBA’s pre-draft combine by singing Usher during an interview with Orlando brass. A simple search on YouTube brings up at least 5 videos of Oladipo singing during numerous interviews or events at Indiana.

This got me thinking about who would win an Orlando Magic all-time talent show and what would former coaches and players do for their talent. Here's my five finalists:

Victor Oladipo – His aforementioned singing would be his talent, but what song would he sing? Usher seems to be his go-to, but I think he has the ability to pull off any R&B artist. If he wanted to bring the house down I think he should go with the one sequined glove, penny loafers and sing Billie Jean. If he throws in a moonwalk the competition is likely over before it started.

Shaquille O’Neal – Kazaam didn’t work out for him, but you know Shaq wants another shot at acting. I think he goes with Jack Nicholson’s court-room monologue from “A Few Good Men.” Shaq will likely spice it up by bringing the attention back to him by throwing in a “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE DIESEL!!”

Chris Duhon – The “travel dance” and “three guitar” combined would make for a fairly impressive dance routine. Duhon’s stay in Orlando was short, but the “travel dance” needs to live on in every club along Orange Avenue.

Gilbert Arenas – Explosive is not how you would describe Arenas’ time with the Magic, but if you could move the talent show outside I bet he’d put together one heck of a fireworks extravaganza. In case you missed it, Arenas was arrested last week in Los Angeles with about 100 pounds of dangerous fireworks in his pickup truck.

Stan Van Gundy – The truth is funny. Stan Van Gundy speaks the truth. That’s why 10 minutes of SVG just telling it like it is might be good enough to win the Magic talent contest. If that doesn’t work, he could always awkwardly sip a Diet Pepsi while a Dwight Howard look alike wraps his arm around him. That turned out to be extremely entertaining for all the media involved.

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