• Bring spring cleaning to your ride with car detailing!


    Do you have that spring cleaning urge yet? Spring is a great time to clear away clutter, get things spic and span again, and get everything back into order for warm weather… including your car! Warm weather means more adventures, and you want your ride to be clean, organized, and comfortable. That’s why our Orlando Toyota service techs recommend extending your spring cleaning to your ride and getting a car detailing under your belt! 

    Schedule car detailing in Orlando for spring weather! 

    Car detailing is the best way to get your ride in great shape for the spring season… and we’ve got tips. Whether you want to schedule Orlando car detailing at our auto service center or do it yourself in the comfort of your driveway, you’re in good hands with our techs. Check out these tips straight from them! 

    You’ll want to do car detailing for both the exterior AND interior of your ride if you want to be thorough (and trust us, you do).

    Interior: Here are some Orlando car detailing tips for the interior of your ride! 

    • Wipe down the interior with a soft microfiber cloth and appropriate cleaning product (don’t use just anything or you can do damage). 
    • Clean the glass! Use a glass cleaner that’s safe for your windows and won’t damage the tint – our Orlando auto service techs can point you in the right direction. 
    • Vacuum, and use a stiff brush to get any stubborn mud out of upholstery or carpets! Don’t forget to vacuum all those nooks and crannies – car detailing entails getting into those hard-to-read spots. 
    • Use pressurized air to clean out stubborn hard-to-reach spaces and your car’s air vents so everything is fresh and clean. 
    • If you’re feeling especially ambitious in your car detailing, shampoo the upholstery in your car! If you’re not, then schedule an appointment at our Toyota service center in Orlando and let our techs take care of it. 

    Protect the exterior of your ride with Orlando car detailing 

    Exterior: Get the exterior of your car looking brand-new! 

    • Give it a wash! This is a basic element of car detailing as it gets the dirt, dust, and grime off the outside of your car. 
    • Next, wax on, wax off! You’ll need to apply a solid coat of wax to protect your car from the elements, especially the fierce summer sun that’s headed our way. It’ll also help protect the paint from dirt and grit on the road when you take that summer road trip. 
    • Make sure you clean the underside of the car, too, especially if you’ve been out of town. Salt from the roads can accumulate under there and cause rust, which requires auto service in Orlando to repair (and money out of your pocket). 

    Those are the basics when it comes to car detailing – have questions? Need advice on products? Or just want to schedule it at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando to save time? Call us! Toyota of Clermont is open seven days a week at (866) 454-1614! 

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