Toyota of Clermont compares the 2014 Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit


When it comes to the battle of the hatchbacks, which one comes out on top? One of our favorite hatchback options on the market right now is most definitely the 2014 Toyota Yaris near Orlando – it’s versatile, affordable, sporty, and teched out so you can stay connected when you get behind the wheel! It’s an exceptional option for anyone who wants a compact option that’s still got a lot of style to bring to the table. 

Make the 2014 Toyota Yaris near Orlando your next city ride! 

However, this new Toyota near Orlando isn’t the only hatchback around – another strong competitor is the Honda Fit, which is another sporty and stylish option for drivers to take into consideration. Which of these hatchback options is going to be the best for your drive time needs, as well as give you the most bang for your buck? We’re comparing the two to see who comes out on top! 

  • One of the big factors that a lot of drivers ask about nowadays is fuel efficiency – how can their ride help them save at the pump? The Clermont Toyota Yaris takes the lead in this particular category – it gets 30 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway, easily beating its Honda competitor, which gets 27 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. Talk about savings!
  • Another place to save when it comes to the 2014 Toyota Yaris vs the Honda Fit is on the price tag – the affordable Toyota hatchback kicks off at $14,430, while its Honda competitor is significantly more expensive at $15,425. That’s a thousand dollars that you can put to use elsewhere! 
  • You’ll also get more bang for your buck in terms of technology when it comes to these two hatchbacks! The 2014 Toyota Yaris near Orlando comes standard with features that the Honda Fit doesn’t have, including Bluetooth wireless streaming for both phone calls and music, as well as six speakers to give you a more satisfying listening experience. You can also throw in Sirius XM Satellite Radio if you want a broader variety of station choices, as well as utilize the USB and auxiliary ports to hook up your devices with ease! 


Get more technology and safety in this new Toyota hatchback

Don’t forget about Toyota safety – you’ll get the Toyota Star Safety System as a standard feature when you take home the new Toyota Yaris near Orlando, which is a feature not found on any Honda options. And you’ll also have high quality on your side – did you know that it’s won awards like: 

  • 2014 Best Overall Value of the Year by Intellichoice
  • 2014 Lowest Operating Costs of the Year by Intellichoice
  • 2014 SmartChoice Maintenance Costs Winner by Intellichoice
  • 2014 Highest Retained Value by Intellichoice

And an 8.8/10 stars rating from consumers! 

Come on down and take it for a spin to get to know it in person – visit Toyota of Clermont at 16851 State Road 50, or give us a shout at (888) 590-6090 to schedule your appointment with one of our sales specialists! We’ll see you soon, and don’t forget to ask about our new Toyota specials!

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