Tips for scouting out Orlando used cars with ease!


Are you currently scouting out used cars in Orlando to try and find your next ride? It can be stressful, we know; our family of dealerships understands the uncertainty you must feel as you sort through thousands of different vehicles online. However, we’ve got good news – we’re here to make it easier for you! 

Visit us in TWO locations for amazing deals on Orlando used cars! 

Not only have we compiled a list of helpful tips and steps to take when you’re hunting down used cars, we also offer two amazing locations where you can find great deals on pre-owned vehicles. Both Toyota of Orlando and the new Toyota of Clermont offer a wide selection of used vehicles that encompasses all makes and models! 

If you come down and visit our family of dealerships, you’ll find a huge selection of Orlando used cars, money-saving used car specials to go along with them, and knowledgeable sales associates that can help you find the ride that’s perfect for you (and comfortable within your budget). However, enough about us – here’s a list of helpful tips that you can take along with you while you search for the ride of your dreams! 

The first thing you need to do is figure out your budget. How much can you afford? Have you saved any money for a down payment? What about monthly payments – what will fit neatly into your budget? Come up with a number and stick to it… this will help narrow down choices and ensure that you only see used cars that are conducive to your search. 

Next, make a list of all the qualities your car has to have! Fuel efficiency, new technology, lots of cargo space, towing/hauling capabilities, - these are just a few of the characteristics you might want in your next car, so rank them from most important to lease. While you might not be able to get EVERYTHING you want (we want an espresso maker in ours, but hey), you can figure out what qualities you can’t live without and let our sales specialists know. 


Take a test drive in any of our used vehicles today

Once you’ve narrowed the field, it’s time to check each car out up close and personal! You can take all of our used cars for a test drive, but before you climb into the driver’s seat you should note the vehicle’s appearance. How is the paint? Do you see any rust spots, dings, dents, or other damage? What about the interior – is it in good condition? Do all of the gadgets work like they should? 

Time to get the motor running! When you take our used cars out for test drives, note how they perform. Do they accelerate and brake smoothly? How does it feel when you turn? Can you hear any odd noises? Are you comfortable with how the vehicle performs out on the road? 

That should help you narrow your search – and don’t forget, we have an incredible selection of used vehicles for you in two separate locations! Visit Toyota of Orlando (888-725-3520) or Toyota of Clermont (888-590-6090) today and ask about used car specials – we can’t wait to make you a part of our family! 

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