• Do you know fact from fiction when it comes to car maintenance?


    Do you know your stuff when it comes to routine car maintenance? There’s a ton of information out there, which can make it hard to separate fact from fiction sometimes. Toyota of Orlando can help – we’ve got a team of skilled technicians on deck seven days a week, and they’ve gathered up some of the most common car maintenance myths to help you get to the bottom of them. Let’s get started!

    Learn how to bust car maintenance myths

    Myth #1: You should use premium fuel even if your car doesn’t need it. Myth! Our Orlando Toyota techs informed us that if your car CALLS for it, you should fill up with premium (you’ll find this information in your owner’s manual). However, if your car doesn’t call specifically for premium, you don’t need to waste money filling up with it. Regular unleaded will work just fine and you’ll get the performance you need without emptying your wallet.

    Myth #2: You never need to use your parking brake. False! You should always use your parking brake when parked on hills, according to our car maintenance techs. This gives you a bit of extra assurance just in case your car starts to roll. However, they also recommend pulling it when you’re parked in a normal spot for that same assurance! No one wants a car rolling out in a crowded parking lot.

    Myth #3: Your car battery will recharge after jumping it if you just drive for a few minutes. Definitely not true. If your car battery dies and you jump it, you’ll need to drive for several HOURS to recharge it. If you pull over and turn your car off within a few minutes, you’ll find yourself with a dead battery again. Remember, our Orlando Toyota service techs can take care of all of your battery problems, so don’t hesitate to call.

    Toyota of Orlando shares car care truths

    Myth #4: Normal dish soap is fine for washing your vehicle. Not true! Normal dish soap is actually a little too harsh to use in your car maintenance routine. The chemicals strip the protective wax element out of your car paint, leaving it more exposed to UV rays, dirt, and the elements. Use a special soap designed for car paint (we have it here at Toyota of Orlando). And make sure to follow up with a coat of wax!

    Myth #5: Once you’ve bought a car, you have to service it at the dealership or else your warranty will be voided. This isn’t true, luckily! Your warranty should remain intact regardless of where you get your car maintenance taken care of. Make sure you get it, though, and on a routine basis. Having those service records and receipts will help your case if there’s a warranty claim AND boost your car’s resale value.

    Ready to service or need to get on a car maintenance schedule? Call Toyota of Orlando today at (407) 298-4501! We’re open seven days a week at 3575 Vineland Road.

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