Stay safe while driving your new Toyota at night!


Now that the time has changed back an hour, it’s going to start getting darker earlier now. This means you may have to start driving in the dark more often. Driving at night can be dangerous, as it can be hard to see in the dark. This is why you have to proceed with extreme caution when getting behind the wheel of your new Toyota in Orlando once the sun starts to set. To help you stay safe, we’re sharing some of our tips for driving at night.

Ensure your safety when driving your new Toyota at night!

Like we said, the sun is going to be going down earlier with the changing of the clock, which means you may be commuting in the dark. We’re sure you already know the dangers of driving your new Toyota in Orlando at night; however, do you know how to avoid the hazards that come along with it? Check out these safe driving tips from Toyota of Orlando:

  • Our first piece of advice is to slow down and keep extra distance between your new Toyota and other vehicles! Speeding at night can be dangerous, as you have a limited view of what’s going on around you. You should also keep some extra distance from other cars, as you never know when they can come to a sudden stop and you want to give yourself extra time to react accordingly.
  • You should also avoid driving if feeling fatigued. We know it’s nighttime, but you never want to get behind the wheel of your new Toyota in Orlando if you’re feeling too tired. Falling asleep behind the wheel can be a fatal mistake! If you have to drive a long distance, we suggest driving with a passenger and take turns driving.
  • We know this may sound like a given; however, we have to remind you to turn on the headlights on your new Toyota in Orlando when driving at night. However, avoid using your high beams when other drivers are around you, as this can hinder their view. Use your low beams and only turn on your high beams when necessary. 
  • Lastly, don’t ever take to the streets in your Orlando Toyota if you’ve been drinking alcohol! This tends to happen more often at night and can be dangerous for you and others around you.  We suggest taking up a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving your new Toyota in Orlando. You should also keep an eye out for drunk drivers and report any suspicious activity on the roads to help keep everyone safe! 


Get more safe driving tips from Toyota of Orlando

Want to know more ways to stay safe while driving your new Toyota? Check out our safe driving tips on the Toyota of Orlando website. We’re sharing tips for taking on various different driving conditions, including driving in the rain and in high winds! Give us a call at (888) 725-3520 for more information about our safe Toyota cars or stop by 3575 Vineland Road. You can find us just of I-4, near the Mall at Millenia. 


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