What makes the Toyota 2000GT such a classic inspiration?


When was the last time you got behind the wheel of a genuinely cool car? We’re taking a look back in time this week at some of Toyota’s coolest models, and the Toyota 2000GT definitely topped the list. Not only was this Orlando Toyota cool enough to make it into a James Bond movie, it was a best-seller in its time and a huge inspiration for many future models, including the Toyota Celica and the new Scion FR-S in Orlando. What makes it such an exceptional car, though? 

This Orlando Toyota has been dubbed one of the coolest classic cars around 

The Toyota 2000GT is so cool that it was even dubbed one of the 15 coolest classic cars of all time. It’s no surprise to us, especially with offspring like the Orlando Toyota Celica and the Scion FR-S in the family. This affordable sports car inspired future generations of vehicles with its sporty performance, affordable price tag, money-saving fuel efficiency, and its sleek and sophisticated appearance. Let’s take a closer look! 

The Toyota 2000GT first came into production way back in the 1960’s. It starred in Die Another Day, the 1967 James Bond movie, serving as Bond’s ride of choice (although they had to create two special open-top versions because Sean Connery was too tall to ride in the traditional model comfortably!). It also collected accolades like winning the Fuji 24-Hour Race in 1967, as well as coming in third in the 1966 Japanese Grand Prix. This amazing car wasn’t all fanfare, though! 

You could also get your hands on the Orlando Toyota 2000GT as an every day driver! It was affordable, not to mention fuel-efficient. Even though it had a 2.0L engine with double overhead camshafts and hit speeds up to 135 mph without a problem, it still delivered around 31 mpg to help drivers save at the gas pumps. 

The Toyota 2000GT also had a super-slick sports car appearance. It sat extremely low to the ground, with an aggressive stance that definitely caught eyes all over the road. In fact, it was so low that it only stood about 46 inches at the highest point of its roof! Additionally, this incredible Toyota in Orlando had a sleek interior with rosewood accents and a three-spoke steering wheel. 

The improvements only kept coming as the Orlando Toyota 2000GT aged – it started out as a manual only vehicle, but soon offered an automatic transmission option, as well as features like air-conditioning and a radio decked out with auto-tuning technology. 

Not only did this amazing car have an engine that was equipped with double overhead camshafts (a feature that allows drivers to maximize performance and put the pedal to the metal), it also had limited-slip differential and rear-wheel drive to improve handling! 


See the Orlando Scion that the Toyota 2000GT influenced today! 

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