New Orlando Toyota vehicles continue to impress drivers!


New Toyota concepts are out of this world! 

Toyota is always coming up with innovative and inventive new concept cars to share with the world, and this year so far has been no exception. They released the Toyota Corolla Furia, which is a hot-orange Corolla concept that turned heads all over the country (and got plenty of Orlando Toyota drivers excited about the possibilities that the Toyota Corolla will bring in the 2014 model year). They also released the new open-top Scion FR-S, which is also known as the FT-86. However, that’s not all they’ve brought to the table so far. The electric ME.WE concept car was recently unveiled, and Toyota of Orlando can’t wait to see if it actually hits our dealership in the future! 

Will we see this new Toyota in Orlando any time soon? 

At first glance, you’ll immediately notice that this Toyota concept is a bit different than the new Toyota in Orlando you’re used to. It’s paneled in 100% recyclable solar panels, which make it look more unfinished and matte on the exterior. It’s also got a unique bubbly and box-like shape (kind of like the 2013 Scion xB in Orlando). Here are a few other highlights on this new Toyota concept: 

  • The Toyota ME.WE embraces a color palette not typical on most of our Orlando Toyota options. It’s mostly subdued earth colors; the exterior is dark while the interior boasts soft grays, browns and tans… plus, it has the added and unique touch of bamboo! 
  • The interior has a unique information system – all info is provided to drivers via a smart phone tool so the inside of the vehicle is even more minimalist than some of our sleekest new Toyota options! 
  • It’s incredibly eco-sensitive! On top of the electric powertrain and the solar panels bedecking the outside, the interior is made of entirely renewable materials. 
  • The heating and air conditioning systems in this concept car were specially designed by Toyota to utilize less energy than other normal systems, and Toyota also threw in heated seats to cut down on traditional heater use in the winter. 

Toyota ME.WE is eco-friendly

Did we mention that this Toyota concept is all-electric? Similar to the Toyota RAV4 EV or the new i-Road, it has an electric powertrain that gets it moving. However, what’s especially cool is that it has an engine in each wheel! Each wheel has an independent motor in it, so this incredible car is capable of both two- and four-wheel drive. Additionally, the all-electric powertrain cuts down drastically on harmful emissions released into the air that contribute to the formation of smog! 

The vehicle is also light, which helps it to make the most of performance. It weighs just over 1,700 pounds due to the lightweight materials it’s constructed of, and every single window in the vehicle – yes, even the windshield – can power down to let the outside in. 

Want to learn more about the cool new Toyota we’re hoping to see sometime soon? Come down and visit us! We’re just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall, and you can call us up to schedule an appointment at (888) 725-3520! 


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