Why is it so important to change the oil in your new Scion?


When you plunk down a chunk of change on a new Scion, chances are you want it to stay that way as long as possible – like new. There are a lot of different steps you can take to maintain your car’s appearance, but don’t forget about what’s under the hood! Keeping up with routine maintenance like Orlando oil changes is absolutely essential to both performance and resale value, not to mention reliability! 

When are you due for an oil change? 

You should always stay on top of all routine auto service in Orlando when it comes to your new Scion, but getting regular oil changes is probably one of the most important elements in keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. How do you know when you’re due, though? Oil changes are typically scheduled according to one of two factors: 


You can check your owner’s manual to see the actual numbers for your particular car, but oil changes in Orlando should typically be set whenever you hit either benchmark (for example let’s say you hit the mileage but you’re still under the time benchmark – schedule your auto service anyways!). 

You should also consult your owner’s manual in your new Scion to see what type of oil you should use when you get an oil change in Orlando, and feel free to let our service techs know. They can get your auto service scheduled, get it taken care of quickly, and have you back on the road in no time (and even send you helpful reminders when you’re due for the next one!). 

You can also check to see if you’re due – just pull out the dipstick that’s located in the engine and examine it. Does the oil level fall in between the two markers and is it a tan/caramel color? If it doesn’t meet both of these conditions, then you should call our Toyota Scion Service Center to get auto service scheduled! 


Why is this Orlando auto service so imperative? 

Why are quick oil changes in Orlando so important, though? Oil keeps your engine cool and running efficiently and smoothly. Without it, your engine would overheat and cause damage to the internal parts, possibly even causing them to melt together and make your engine seize up! 

Oil also needs to be clean (thus the tan or caramel color that we mentioned earlier). If it’s dirty, particle of debris can impede performance and cause issues on the inside of your engine (which typically leads to expensive repairs and time spent in the shop). 

Without routine oil changes, your new Scion will undoubtedly be faced with engine problems, lose major resale value, and you can kiss its reliability and performance capabilities goodbye. Why take the chance? Schedule this exceptionally important auto service today!

You can give our Orlando Toyota Scion Service Center a ring to set up your appointment – they’re open seven days a week at (866) 945-0493, and don’t forget to ask about our money-saving Toyota Service Coupons! 

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