• Our Toyota service team is dispelling car maintenance myths!


    Over the years, you’ve probably heard a handful of myths when it comes to your car. Whether it’s auto service or car maintenance, there are tons of myths circulating out there that our Toyota service team wants to put to rest. Some have some truth behind them, while others are not true at all. If you’re searching for the truth, see what our Orlando Toyota service techs have to say!

    Our Toyota service team wants to dispel car maintenance rumors!

    If you’ve ever heard a car maintenance myth, you might be wondering if it’s actually true! Our Orlando Toyota service team has heard more than a few over the years, and wants to help clear things up!

    Myth #1: “You only need service if there’s a light on your dash.”

    This is absolutely UNTRUE. Your car needs routine car maintenance in Orlando. In fact, your car should stay on a recommended maintenance schedule. For example, a vehicle should have its oil changed every 5,000 miles (for conventional oil) or 10,000 miles (for synthetic oil). Other services like transmission fluid flushes and a low battery could trigger a dash light.

    Myth #2: “You should fill your tires to the maximum PSI.”

    This is also false! Filling your tires to the max can be harmful to the lifespan of your tires as well as your fuel economy. The maximum is just the amount you can fill it with before your tires blow out. You should instead have your tires filled with the suggested amount in your car’s owner manual. If you’re not sure the proper amount of tire pressure needed, have your car brought into our Toyota Service Center in Orlando to have our expert technicians get them right!

    Myth #3: “Too much weight on your keychain can damage your ignition.”

    This rumor is, in fact, true! By adding too many keys, keychains, and other accessories to your lanyard or set of keys can be harmful to your car’s ignition. The weight constantly pulling down loosens your ignition tumblers over time. The tumblers can no longer hold your key in the ignition, which stops it from getting your car started. Avoid this by lightening up on the amount of stuff you keep on your keychain.

    Myth #4: “You never need to use the emergency brake.”

    Not true! Yes, the parking brake may be a necessity in a car with a manual transmission or in a particularly hilly area. However, our Orlando Toyota service techs say you should actually use your parking brake every time you put your car in park. Not only does this ensure your car won’t move if your brakes fail, but it also helps ensure your emergency brake remains in working condition. A parking brake that never gets used could cease to work and not be of any help if you were ever faced with a brake failure emergency.

    Our Orlando Toyota Service Center can clear up any car maintenance myths!

    If you know of a couple of more car maintenance myths that we didn’t mention, you can always call our Toyota Service Center in Orlando at (866) 945-0493 to have our auto service experts help! 

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