Orlando Predators player arrested on charges of attempted murder


OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Orlando Predators player arrested on charges of attempted murder

Orlando Predators wide receiver Bobby Sippio has been released by the team following his arrest in Osceola County.

The AFL player was released from his team and on Saturday morning made a first appearance on charges of attempted murder, robbery, battery and kidnapping of his girlfriend's brother.

On Friday, Sergio Moore told investigators that his roommate, Sippo, came to pick him up at their Orlando apartment to help move furniture.

Instead, Moore said Sippo and Santana Coats pulled a gun and drove him down a rural Osceola County Road.

Moore told deputies he was forced out of Sippo's car somewhere off Gren Brown Road.

He said his phone was snatched while he was being punched and kicked. Moore said the two men threatened to kill him, and even clicked the trigger twice.

On Friday night, Predators Head Coach Bret Munsy said he wasn't aware of his former players' actions.

"I have no comment on that. I did not know that," he said.

The team later released a statement telling WFTV that Sippio had not been active for three weeks due to conduct detrimental to the team.

WFTV also found out both suspects have had brushes with the law in the past on drug-related charges.