Solar Bears Schedule Changes


ORLANDO, Fla. - The Orlando Solar Bears announced today that they have made revisions to their home schedule.


“Anticipation continues to build as we approach our Out of Hibernation season,” said Bob Ohrablo, Chief Operating Officer/Managing Partner of the Orlando Solar Bears.  “Thanks to the hard work and cooperation of the ECHL and its member clubs, the Orlando Magic, and the Amway Center we are able to continue to offer a family friendly schedule.” 


A complete copy of the home and road schedule is listed below.  PLEASE NOTE:


-   October 27th has been moved to October 25th vs. South Carolina Stingrays

-   December 29th has been moved to December 28th vs. Florida Everblades

-   January 20th moves to January 17th vs. Wheeling Nailers

-   March 3rd moves to November 7th vs. Gwinnett Gladiators

-   March 29th moves to February 8th vs. Florida Everblades


In addition, the Solar Bears will open their Out of Hibernation season on Friday, October 12th and Saturday, October 13th at the Florida Everblades.  The October 12th game was originally scheduled for January 15th.



(as of August 3, 2012)



October 20, 2012, Saturday, FLORIDA, 7:00pm                            

October 25, Thursday, SOUTH CAROLINA, 7:00 pm

October 28, Sunday, GREENVILLE, 3:00pm

November 7, Wednesday, GWINNETT, 7:00 pm

November 8, Thursday, GWINNETT, 7:00pm

November 10, Saturday, ELMIRA, 7:00pm

November 11, Sunday, GWINNETT, 3:00pm

November 17, Saturday, KALAMAZOO, 7:00pm

November 18, Sunday, KALAMAZOO, 3:00pm

November 20, Tuesday, KALAMAZOO, 7:00pm

December 7, Friday, FT. WAYNE, 7:00pm

December 8, Saturday, FT. WAYNE, 7:00pm

December 9, Sunday, FT. WAYNE, 3:00pm

December 27, Thursday, FLORIDA, 7:00pm

December 28, Friday, FLORIDA, 7:00 pm

January 17, 2013, Thursday, WHEELING, 7:00 pm

January 19, 2013, Saturday, WHEELING, 7:00pm

January 21, Monday, WHEELING, 3:00pm

January 30, Wednesday, GREENVILLE, 7:00pm

February 1, Friday, GREENVILLE, 7:00pm

February 2, Saturday, TRENTON, 7:00pm

February 7, Thursday, FLORIDA, 7:00pm

February 8, Friday, FLORIDA, 7:00 pm

February 15, Friday, SOUTH CAROLINA, 7:00pm

February 16, Saturday, SOUTH CAROLINA, 7:00pm

February 17, Sunday, SOUTH CAROLINA, 3:00pm

February 21, Thursday, GWINNETT, 7:00pm

February 22, Friday, GWINNETT, 7:00pm

February 24, Sunday, EVANSVILLE, 3:00pm

February 28, Thursday, READING, 7:00pm

March 2, Saturday, READING, 7:00pm

March 20, Wednesday, GREENVILLE, 7:00pm

March 21, Thursday, GREENVILLE, 7:00pm

March 24, Sunday, CINCINNATI, 3:00pm

March 26, Tuesday, FLORIDA, 7:00pm

March 27, Wednesday, FLORIDA, 7:00pm


October 12, 2012, Friday, at Florida, 7:30pm

October 13, 2012, Saturday, at Florida, 7:00pm

October 19, Friday, at Florida, 7:30pm

October 30, Tuesday, at South Carolina, 7:05pm

November 1, Thursday, at Gwinnett, 7:35pm

November 2, Friday, at Greenville, TBD

November 3, Saturday, at South Carolina, 7:05pm

November 22, Thursday, at Gwinnett, 7:35pm

November 23, Friday, at Gwinnett, 6:05pm

November 28, Wednesday, at Ontario, 7:00 pm

November 30, Friday, at Las Vegas, 7:05pm

December 1, Saturday, at Las Vegas, 7:05pm

December 14, Friday, at Elmira, 7:05pm

December 15, Saturday, at Reading, 7:05pm

December 16, Sunday, at Trenton, 4:05pm

December 19, Wednesday, at Florida, 7:30pm

December 21, Friday, at Florida, 7:30pm

December 22, Saturday, at Florida, 7:00pm

January 4, 2013, Friday, at Evansville, TBD

January 5, Saturday, at Toledo, 7:05

January 6, Sunday, at Ft. Wayne, 5:00pm

January 9, Wednesday, at Cincinnati, 7:35pm

January 11, Friday, at Greenville, TBD

January 12, Saturday, at Greenville, TBD

January 25, Friday, at Gwinnett, 7:05pm

January 26, Saturday, at South Carolina, 7:05pm

January 27, Sunday, at South Carolina, 2:15pm

February 9, Saturday, at Florida, 7:00pm

March 8, Friday, at Reading, 7:05pm

March 9, Saturday, at Elmira, 7:05pm

March 10, Sunday, at Trenton, 4:05pm

March 14, Thursday, at Gwinnett, 7:35pm

March 15, Friday, at Gwinnett, 7:05pm

March 17, Sunday, at Gwinnett, 4:05pm

March 29, Friday, at Florida, 7:30pm

March 30, Saturday, at Florida, 7:00pm