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Posted: 10:25 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24, 2012

Isaac forces Biden to scrap Tampa trip 

By Jamie Dupree

The tropical weather system named Isaac claimed its first political casualty before even threatening the state of Florida, as the Obama Campaign decided to postpone a trip to Tampa by Vice President Biden, worried it might get in the way of emergency efforts in Florida.

"Due to disaster preparedness and local security concerns, Vice President Biden’s trip to Tampa, Florida on Monday, August 27 for campaign events has been postponed," read a statement issued by the Obama campaign.

"This change in schedule is being taken out of an abundance of caution to ensure that all local law enforcement and emergency management resources can stay focused on ensuring the safety of people who might be impacted by the storm, as well as those attending the activities in Tampa."

The original idea was to have Biden show up in Tampa on the opening day of the Republican convention, an effort to spice things up by planting the Democratic Party flag in the midst of this GOP gathering.

That kind of event isn't out of the ordinary - heck, just four years ago, there was a Republican guy named Mitt Romney who came to Denver during the Democratic convention to toss a few barbs at two Senators named Obama and Biden.

Biden may still get to Florida during the GOP convention, as the Obama campaign has not scrapped stops as yet on Tuesday in Orlando and St. Augustine, though the Friday night statement said those plans are "subject to change due to weather-related precautions."

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