Hurricane Dorian: One year later after the category 5 hurricane stalled over the Bahamas

Billion of dollars in damages and 200 people are still missing

Tropical Depression 15 forms off the North Carolina coast, watching 3 other areas

Florida continues on a lucky streak, tropical disturbances either too far or not threatening our state

  2 rockets set to launch from the Space Coast this week

SpaceX is set to launch its Starlink mission Tuesday.

  Musk to reveal working version of brain computer chip, Neuralink

Elon Musk confirmed that there will be a live demonstration of his brain implant technology that is intended for human enhancement.

9 things to know about NASA’s 1st manned rocket launch in 9 years

SpaceX and NASA are about a week away from a historic flight to the International Space Station from the Kennedy Space Center.

Want to become a NASA astronaut? Here are 9 things you need to know

With the countdown to liftoff on for the first manned launch from the Space Coast in nearly a decade, many may be dreaming about the future of spaceflight and what it would be like to be the blasting off into space.

These 9 classic movies about space will get you ready for Saturday’s launch

Here are 9 movies we recommend checking out before the launch and where to watch them.

9 out-of-this-world facts about SpaceX

SpaceX as a company has become synonymous with the future of space travel, both on the Space Coast and across the globe.

  Update: NOAA’s Hurricane season forecast predicts a record number of storms this season

As hurricane season start ramping-up, forecasters predict even higher tropical activity in the coming months

Red skies are a sailor’s delight… except when a slow-moving tropical storm is near

The popular saying has scientific validity to it, only under certain conditions

  Mystery solved? What was the source of Stonehenge’s rocks

After eons of wondering, the source of the massive boulders that make up Stonehenge has finally been discovered.

PHOTOS: Comet Neowise seen by Central Florida residents

The comet will be visible through the end of the month

  SpaceX catches both fairing halves in another first

SpaceX's launch from Cape Canaveral on Monday was remarkable in a couple of ways for a rather routine mission.

Go out on a limb: Here’s how Orlando residents can receive free trees, composters

Ready to go out on a limb and add something new to your yard?

Look up Central Florida sky gazers! Penumbral lunar eclipse coming 4th of July Weekend

The full moon could turn slightly darker this holiday weekend as Central Florida experiences a penumbral lunar eclipse

Central Florida counties join the Space Force HQ race

Brevard, Orange and Seminole counties each are vying to become the home of the military branch’s command center.

See smoke? Prescribed fires across parts of Central Florida today

Prescribed fires happening today in Osceola and Brevard counties.

  First all-female meteorologist group ready to give “weather go” for Saturday’s launch from Cape Canaveral

An all-female group of meteorologists part of the 45th weather squadron to provide meteorological support for SpaceX's ninth Starlink Mission on Saturday

Higher than normal tides expected along East Florida Coast through the weekend

Heavy rain will likely bring inland and coastal flooding, but the coast has a separate threat, higher than normal high tides coming through the weekend.