Shark latches onto Florida man’s arm at beach

A nurse shark latched onto a Florida man's arm while he was swimming off the Atlantic coast over the weekend.

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  Florida wildlife officials catch 100-pound Suwannee alligator snapping turtle

The post included photos of three of the turtles, including a 100-pound male, 64-pound male and 46-pound female found in traps set in the New River, north of Gainesville.

  VIDEO: Bear, two cubs stroll down Orange County neighborhood sidewalk

An Orange County resident's security camera captured video of a bear and two cubs walking down the sidewalk by their home.

9 tips to avoid mosquitoes in and around your home

You hear that buzz? Yep, it’s mosquito season again in Central Florida.

Photos: Wild Florida welcomes albino alligators

Wild Florida welcomed four albino alligators Tuesday morning. After 81 days, Wild Florida is the first attraction in the world to hatch albino alligators.

  Wild Florida welcomes 4 albino alligators, first to hatch at any attraction in the world

Wild Florida welcomed four albino alligators Tuesday morning.
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