Trainer featured on ‘Tiger King’ arrested for animal cruelty, wildlife trafficking

A celebrity animal trainer featured on the documentary "Tiger King" was arrested on animal cruelty and wildlife trafficking charges, investigators said.

Animal Headlines:

  ‘Beast’: Burmese Python caught in Everglades sets Florida record

Two Florida snake hunters caught a beast last week -- a Burmese python that measured a state record 18 feet, 9.25 inches.

  Man bitten in leg by blacktip shark off Miami Beach

A 31-year-old man suffered an 8-inch gash in his leg after he was bitten by a blacktip shark off Miami Beach on Wednesday, authorities said.

  Petco bans the sale of shock collars

The company said all human- and bark-activated shock-inducing electronic pet collars were removed from stores Tuesday.

  30 circus elephants relocated to Florida wildlife refuge

A Florida wildlife refuge is making space for 30 former circus elephants.

  Coyote jumps fence, grabs Florida man’s dog

Coyotes are active in certain parts of Florida, but a Pasco County man thought his subdivision was safe when he let his small dog out into his yard on Monday.
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