Six entrapped manatees rescued in Brevard County

It was a team effort to rescue six manatees that got trapped in a Brevard County preservation area.

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  Video shows officer punch K-9 partner during training

A veteran California police officer still learning how to handle a K-9 was seen Monday punching his partner in a parking lot during a training exercise.

Health department issues alert after otter tests positive for rabies in Delaney Park

The Florida Department of Health issued a rabies alert for Orlando’s Delaney Park neighborhood and surrounding areas Tuesday after an otter tested positive for the deadly virus.

Python sniffing pups: Two dogs trained to track down invasive snakes in the Florida Everglades

The pair of pups are the first members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Detector Dog Team trained to sniff out invasive Burmese pythons in the Everglades.

  Florida dog rescued by owner from alligator’s jaws is deputized

A dog whose owner saved him from the jaws of an attacking alligator in South Florida was recently deputized.

  Great blue heron eats baby alligator in Florida lake

A Florida wildlife photographer caught an indelible moment in nature, a great blue heron spearing and devouring a baby alligator whole.
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