Help Feed Florida Heroes

Help Feed Florida Heroes
RPHH (Tijuana Flats and Just in Queso Foundation)

ORLANDO, Fla. — Local restaurants have come together to help raise funds and deliver free meals to our front line workers, through the Restaurants Partners Helping Heroes initiative. Tijuana Flats and the Just In Queso Foundation founded the movement and strive to bring the community together one meal at a time. Donate today and help feed Florida’s Heroes!

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Local restaurants partnering together to raise funds and provide free meals to front line emergency workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

*Front Line Emergency Workers Defined As: Medical Personnel, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facility staff, Police Officers, Paramedics and Fire Fighters.


1. Support front line emergency workers through ongoing meal donations.

2. Support local restaurants by purchasing the meals to be donated.


Tijuana Flats and the Just In Queso (JIQ) Foundation were inspired by stories of FLAG – Front Line Appreciation Group, a grassroots effort that has been spreading like wildfire across the United States. This group has come together to raise money from the community, turn around and purchase food from local restaurants and then deliver the food to front line emergency workers mostly in health care. We have expanded upon this idea and the Just In Queso Foundation is sponsoring a similar local initiative under their 501C3 license.

Our program called Restaurant Partners Helping Heroes’ brings multiple restaurants together in the state of Florida for a coordinated effort to raise funds, purchase food and deliver food to front line workers across the state including medical personnel, nursing home and assisted living facility staff, police officers, paramedics and fire fighters.