Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando helps rescue abused German shepherds from GA

Video: Dogs here in Central Florida trying to get healthy after being victims of abuse and neglect
9 Family Connection's partner, the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, helped rescue 21 German shepherds Tuesday that were victims of an abusive breeding/hoarding situation in Candler County, Georgia.
The dogs were among about 300 German shepherds that were found neglected and living in filthy conditions, and they are in need of new homes, officials said. 
"We are so glad we had the resources to leave at a moment's notice to help save these dogs. Thank you to Atlanta Humane Society for coordinating this effort," officials with the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando said in a release.
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Pet Alliance officials said its staff were caring and assessing the dogs, and once they are approved for adoption, the German shepherds will be posted on the organization's website. 
The organization said it needs donations to ensure it "can take part in life saving efforts like this."

More information or to donate: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando's website