What is “host home”? How can it make a difference for kids who’ve aged out of foster care?

What is "host home"? How can it make a positive impact for youth who've aged out of the foster care system?

ORLANDO, Fla. — While our hope is that every child, in Central Florida, in foster care can find a forever family before turning 18, unfortunately a lot of them don’t. A host home is a place for these young adults to call their own with a caring adult to come home to, someone that’s in their lives and can provide support.

Today in our forever family series, Channel 9 Anchor Martha Sugalski introduces us to a retired Orlando Police Officer and his wife who have been a host home for dozens of young people who have gone on to become true success stories.

To learn more about fostering, and adopting visit https://www.foreverfamily.org/.

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If you foster a child today, you can change a life forever.