• Use this simple trick to defrost your windshield in seconds

    By: Mike Timmermann


    There’s no need for that ice scraper anymore! Here’s a simple trick to clear your windshield in a matter of seconds — and it doesn’t involve your car’s defrost feature.

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    Cheap, quick and easy! How to defrost your car’s windshield

    Ken Weathers, a meteorologist with WATE 6 in Knoxville, Tennessee, uploaded a video to Facebook that shows a cheap and easy solution to this winter weather hassle.

    A coat of ice immediately disappeared when he sprayed a mixture onto the windshield, but it’s not hot water!

    As Weathers explained in the video, just mix 1/3 part water and 2/3 part isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and put the solution into a spray bottle.

    After using it, he says you can store the spray bottle in your car and it will never freeze.

    In his Facebook post, which has 16 million views since January 2016, Weathers reminds folks to label the spray bottle and keep all chemicals away from children.

    Do you have any tips to defrost a windshield in a hurry? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.

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